Experienced Drivers Survey

As longevity increases, people are going to be driving and retaining independence for much longer; Dr Mary Fisher-Morris and Professor Michael Hornberger have received funding from The Department of Transport to research cognitive function in older drivers and would be very grateful if you could answer this survey.

In order to proceed with research, we need data to inform on opinions of as many drivers as possible to obtain a realistic picture of how they feel about driving as they grow older.

All answers to the survey are anonymous – no data about you is collected and any responses you provide are completely confidential and will not be disclosed. If you do choose to provide your email address in order to complete a follow up survey (in around 6 months) and to receive summary results from the survey,  the answers to your questions will not be associated with your email address.

We would be very grateful if you would complete this survey using the link below, and also please do send this survey on to as many of your friends as possible (aged 40 years and over) to complete – the more data we can analyse the better our results!

Important! Please answer the questions on your driving habits prior to Covid-19 and Lockdown. 


Click here to open the survey