About Memcheck

Memcheck is the ‘brainchild’ of Dr. Mary Fisher Morris CPsychol, whose interests in research make her believe passionately in the importance of NeuroCognitive Assessment in determining an early diagnosis of dementia.


PhD – University of Liverpool

MA(econ) - University of Manchester

BA(hons) - University of Liverpool

Registered General Nurse –Wrexham group of Hospitals.

Chartered Psychologist- British Psychological Society

In 2019, Mary was co-opted as Psychologist to join- Secretary of State for Transport’s Honorary Medical Advisory Panel On Driving and Psychiatric Disorders.

Originally training as a Registered General Nurse (RGN), Mary gained clinical experience working in both the Private and NHS sectors; this included 11 years working and caring for patients with dementia which stimulated her research at Keele University into responses of pain in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Dr Mary Fisher-Morris  CPsychol

Mary completed 13 years as the Head of Research and Clinical Audit  in the NHS co-ordinating the many national clinical trials, research projects and clinical audits that were undertaken at the Trust.

Mary then undertook some project work at Mersey Internal Audit Agency prior to moving into Consultancy.

For 3 years Mary held the position of Special Advisor (Mental Health) with the Care Quality Commission. This role involved being an active team member of Hospital Inspections across England, looking specifically at services offered to people with dementia both in community and long stay hospital wards.

Lecturing and presenting is a part of networking that Mary enjoys, including

  • Conference speaker at Dementia Symposium Haydock Liverpool – ‘Early Cognitive Screening using CantabMobile’

  • Speaker at University of Liverpool Medical Faculty; Continuing Professional Development seminar- ‘What if it’s Alzheimer’s?’ This was done in conjunction with a Consultant Radiologist from Walton Neurological Centre Liverpool, who presented Brain images of varying stages of dementia.

  • Presenter at seminar to AFTAthought- http://www.aftathought.co.uk/ in Liverpool.

  • Presenter at Dementia Day Conference at Warrington NHS Trust- ‘The Troubled Mind- Dementia Cause and Effect’  and  ‘ Understanding and Managing the Underlying Causes of Difficult Behaviours’.

Mary is also an active researcher and recent projects include-

  • Researcher & Author on a national project looking at how Fire and Rescue Personnel manage risk and make decisions at emergency incidents; this looked specifically within the context of Health and Safety. The project involved personal interviews with over 80 fire & rescue staff (FRS) in various rural and urban services across the country. The data was analysed and findings discussed at a day seminar in Kent. Many multidisciplinary representatives from across the country contributed to the recommendations and the strategic way forward planned out.

  • Project Manager for Stroke research at the Countess of Chester NHS Trust looking at Repetitive Sensory Stimulation in patients immediately post stroke.

  • Clinical Advisor in software development -Reducing Anxiety in Dementia Patients.


Author- ‘Recognising and Developing Brain Potential’ iInnov.age Autumn 2013 issue 3.


In January 2020, Mary and Prof Michael Hornberger were awarded funding to research Cognitive Impairment in Older Drivers and have set up a trial -  Driver Effect of Cognitive Impairment on Spatial Orientation and Navigation - 'DECISION'.

This commenced June 2020.

Some areas of research and interest include-

  • Early assessment & diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Social and emotional management of the disease

  • Responses to pain in Alzheimer patients

  • Stroke and recovery

  • The use of Virtual Reality in neurocognitivelydeprived people

  • Understanding and early diagnosis of Ovarian cancer

  • Attitudes to death and dying; patients, families and carer’s attitudes

  • Patient’s understanding and management of their illness; how patients manage diagnosis and treatment pathways.

  • Patient/doctor relationships

  • Decision making – influencing psychological and social factors.