If you recognise several of these early signs then you may be experiencing

"Mild Cognitive Impairment"

which may indicate the early signs of dementia, and will certainly benefit from having a neurocognitive assessment. This is conducted in the form of a one to one personal assessment, and specifically measures your brain function in several areas such as -

•    Memory
•    Attention & Concentration
•    Verbal Fluency
•    Orientation.

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It is true that at this moment in time, the cause of dementia is not clearly known; but that doesn’t mean people with this condition can’t live well.

The emphasis is on maximising the potential each person has - working on the strengths and building up weaknesses.

Think of the analogy - we can't cure diabetes, but many diabetics live a long, healthy and near to normal life.

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The World Health Organisation recently identified dementia as one of the seven priority mental and neurological disorders to be addressed.

Studies conducted over the last 10 years in high income countries demonstrate that 20%-50% of cases are not routinely recognised and documented in primary care records. 

Three factors for this were highlighted by National Dementia Strategy in England (2011)

> The stigma of dementia preventing open discussion

> The false belief that memory problems were a normal part of ageing

> The false belief that nothing could be done.

The underpinning philosophy of Memcheck is to make early assessment available to as many people as early as possible.

This is very positive step as you are now acting and doing something about symptoms which have been worrying you, or your partner/colleagues and friends; you will be able to access treatment, advice and support from teams of specialists should you require referral.

Should any referral be necessary, diagnosis and interventions can be more effective and positive.

Importantly, you will not be ignoring the issue - you will be taking control and doing something positive

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Take a positive step and book an assessment