There are increasingly more clinical trials offering experimental methods/treatments in Dementia that you may be eligible for. Have a look at our resource section of the site.

Current medications are proving extremely beneficial and can certainly improve quality of life especially when started early.

Some reasons why dementia is NOT diagnosed early:

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Personal denial

Personal denial that anything is wrong, or a misunderstanding that failing memory and declining cognitive abilities are ‘normal’ processes of aging- it’s  something you have to put up with!

It is not…..dementia is not a normal process of  ageing. It should be explicitly stated that not everyone who becomes forgetful develops dementia, and neither is dementia a normal consequence of ageing.

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Fear of seeking help

Fear of seeking help; you know something is wrong but don’t want to hear the diagnosis - this will be a constant source of worry if you don’t do something about it.

Unfortunately it will not go away but if you take a positive step - have things checked and get a diagnosis you will be able to tap into lots of social and psychological support and certainly experience relief that you are at last doing something about it!

Vitamins and pills

Other reasons

There are many other reasons why memory function may be altered, for example -

·         Depression
·         Tiredness
·         Side effects of  various drugs
·         Hormone imbalance
·         Vitamin deficiency
·         Physical illness.

All of these can be checked  by your GP.