What is the assessment/FAQs?

Where will the assessment take place? The assessment can be taken anywhere where there is a private and quiet space for the assessor and the participant to concentrate on the series of questions in the test. This is MemCheck Memory Clinic offers personal assessments in the North West region - please see our booking page for further details. (Please see our healthcare professionals page if you are interested in booking a clinic). How long will the assessment take? It will take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete the assessment. Do I need to prepare for the assessment? You do not need to prepare for the assessment; this is undertaken in a one to one question and answer format. Your partner/family may also be asked to complete a questionnaire filling in some background from their own perspective. How much does the assessment cost? The assessment normally costs £80, but please contact us for pricing if you have a relative with dementia. How do you perform the assessment? MemCheck Memory Clinic uses a variety of globally approved tools specifically designed to assess various aspects of brain performance. On completion these will be scored and your overall performance compared to averages of people of your own age and ability. What happens if the assessment indicates a possible problem? Our assessor will be able to provide you with further information and answer any questions you have about the results. We will provide you with support and where appropriate, indicate the next steps that you should take, such as a referral to your GP. A report with results and recommendations will be forwarded to you and if required, may also be sent to your GP.

The important thought to remember by undertaking this test- This is very positive step as you are now acting and doing something about symptoms which have been worrying you or your partner/colleagues and friends; you will be able to access treatment, advice and support from teams of specialists should you require referral. The assessment will provide you with a baseline measurement- an average score to establish your own personal profile. For results which score ‘normal’, you have reassurance of a cognitive performance that is statistically within normal limits for your age group. Advice will be available of how to increase or maintain this level of brain health. These assessments may be repeated annually to chart and compare your cognitive progress. You will also be able to discuss any problems and queries during your consultation. Importantly, you will not be ignoring the issue - you will be taking control and doing something positive About the Neuro-Cognitive Tests Neuropsychological testing studies the relationship between brain and behaviour and is of crucial use when a person is having problems with any of these areas- short and long term memory, concentration, word selection and processing, language and understanding. The assessment helps to measure performance in areas that affect behaviour, emotion and thought processes and establish a baseline measure compared to 'average' scores. The assessment gives a greater understanding of the underlying problems to both client and family, and the results can also inform GP's of the client's current neuropsychological status. Important: these tests do NOT diagnose Alzheimer's Disease - the assessment is a first step aimed at measuring your cognitive performance which may indicate further investigation with a specialist before a diagnosis can be made.